Crypto Angel Referral Program

Our referral program is starting. Every member that register on our web page (Register) will have an option for generating a referral link and will get 7% bonus of each ANGEL transaction that uses that link, likewise each contributor will also get additional 1% bonus for using the referral link.

For example: If you get one of your friends to sign up for whitelisting using your referral link and he buys 1000 ANGELs (notice 1ETH= 1000ANGEL) you will get 7 % bonus from his purchase in ANGELs (70 ANGELs) and your friend will get additional 1% bonus (10 ANGELs) on his purchase.

Rewards will be issued to the ETH address that you will provide when you sign up, and the reward will be issued after the crowdsale closes and will be distributed within 2 weeks.