Crowdsale CAP

Crypto Angel – Crowdsale CAP

On March 16th, 2018 at 00:00 UTC we will offer a maximum (70.000.000) of 88.000.000 ANGEL tokens as a part of ICO event. ICO will last 5 weeks and will be open to the general public. The ICO will be open to anyone who wants to invest a minimum of 50 ANGEL (0.05 ETH). Bonus tokens will be available during the ICO. The first 20.5% of the hard cap or 18.000.000 ANGELs are already minted, the next 9.5% of the hard cap (18.000.000 – 26.400.000) will get 30% bonus, the next 30-45% of the hard cap (26.400.000 – 39.600.000) will get 20% bonus, the next 45-60% of the hard cap (39.600.000 – 52.800.000) will get 10% bonus ANGEL tokens on top of purchased tokens, while for the rest of the ICO tokens there won’t be bonus applied (refer to table and image below). All the tokens that are not sold out during the ICO event will be burned, and will not be included in the total market cap. Tokens bought during the ICO crowdsale campaign will be automatically sent to the customer.

You can see our crowdsale contract here: Crowdsale contract

Percentage of hard cap on bonus Nominal amount of ANGELs on bonus PRICE
First 20.5% 18.000.000 Already minted
Next 9.5% 8.400.000 1300 ANGEL = 1 ETH
Next 15% 13.200.000 1200 ANGEL = 1 ETH
Next 15% 13.200.000 1100 ANGEL = 1 ETH
Last 40% 35.200.000 1000 ANGEL = 1 ETH