Crypto Angel ICO is Live

Crypto Angel ICO is live

Dear members, We are excited to announce that Crypto Angel ICO is live! Contribute now and get 30% bonus! GET TOKENS NOW Home

Crypto Angel Referral Program

Our referral program is starting. Every member that register on our web page (Register) will have an option for generating a referral link and will get 7% bonus of each ANGEL transaction that uses that link, likewise each contributor will also get additional 1% bonus for using the referral link. For example: If you get one of your friends to …

Crypto Angel Community Group

Dear members of CryptoAngel, We would like to invite you to join our Community group intended for all your questions and ideas regarding CryptoAngel ICO, token and product. Feel free to join us at: telegram. Have a good day, CryptoAngel team

Crowdsale CAP

Crypto Angel – Crowdsale CAP

On March 16th, 2018 at 00:00 UTC we will offer a maximum (70.000.000) of 88.000.000 ANGEL tokens as a part of ICO event. ICO will last 5 weeks and will be open to the general public. The ICO will be open to anyone who wants to invest a minimum of 50 ANGEL (0.05 ETH). Bonus tokens will be available during …

What is Crypto Angel “Master Mind”?

All of the experience and knowledge gathered from millions of personal mindsets stored and processed decentralized makes the “Master Mind”. Our Data supply portal will include life logging plugins to capture and safely encode all individual’s activities, behaviors, habits, opinions, and subjective experiences and build “personal mindset data file” onto blockchain as a large-scale coordination mechanism “Mastermind” (model of all …

What is Crypto Angel?

Crypto Angel is a virtual life assistant based on a powerful AI models, that works on an individual input, and outputs the best model that suits that user needs. Imagine Cortana, Alexa and Siri but way more scalable, intelligent and powerful. The ecosystem is blockchain based, where the developers can upload their models for training and processing in decentralized manner. …